Castle Hughes Bio

Emerging Australian music sensation Castle releases her debut single, Moving On. The Perth born independent singer-songwriter is another example of the new breed of DIY artists forging their distinct paths to establishing a musical identity. Moving On is a contemporary smash, a genre-mixing combination of melodic power and lyrical prowess, beautifully infused by Castle’s hypnotic performance. Utilising an ingenious series of dynamics, Moving On is more than just another pop song; it eschews stereotypical traits to glide from the meditative to the exuberant. Castle’s poetic vitality is given a majestic backdrop with the chorus’s exceptional hooks and expansive, cinematic production. The song reflects a coming-of-age experience but one that will no doubt resonate with many. As Castle has said about Moving On, ‘The song is about the realisation that the end of a relationship does not have to be a heartbreaking experience, it can be a release. It’s an anthem to better times and new beginnings, to the growth and evolution of the teenager.’ The track simmers with intimacy and finesse yet contains a palpable amount of raw energy, with Castle’s evocative vocal displaying a remarkable degree of conviction, subtlety, and allure. Moving On is not only Castle’s debut; it will undoubtedly be her breakthrough