FairPlay – 19 August 2022


Release Date: August 19th

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Perth born rising music artist Castle Hughes releases Fairplay, the follow-up to her 2021 debut single Moving On, which was a finalist in the WAM Song of the Year Awards 14-17-year-old category in 2021.It was also the winner of the Youth Week Songwriting Competition for CALM, nominee in the International Songwriting Awards – Teen category, finalist in The UK Songwriting Contest – Teen Category and a semi- finalist in the WA Listen Up Music Songwriting Prize 2021. Castle Hughes’ new release reveals a maturation of her extraordinary talents, blending organic, retro and electro elements to create a spellbinding contemporary pop track with hooks, heart and integrity. As Castle says about her latest release, ‘This song was written during my last year of high school (2021). I was really struggling, seemed to be at conflict with everyone and felt not good enough. I had another argument with my mum and this song kind of spewed out post argument.’ The song’s lyric explores the nuances of relationship dynamics, with an emphasis on relinquishing control. Fairplay merges ahypnotic rhythm to swathes of melodic magic, all highlighted by Castle’s incredible vocal performance—controlled yet enticing. Fairplay outlines more than just a personal awakening but a creative one and is sure to resonate with many.

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